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In 2005, Verizon launched their fiber-optic network, targeted to become the nation's largest system extending broadband technology directly into customers' homes.

In preparation for the initial product launch of the new brand, the customer segment was identified who could best influence the purchase of superior fiber-optic broadband services. VVF perception tests were conducted to confirm emotional verbal-visual associations that would resonate with both brand intent and target customer aspirations. From the VVF mapping analysis of results, a targeted personality design language approach was created for launch activities and materials.

The resulting brand-building effort emotionally connected with the target customer in bold, dramatic fashion, expressing the excitement of having technology with superior image quality, performance and personalization.
  Among outcomes were:
  • Fundamental sets of brand attributes and target customer desires

  • VVF perception analysis uncovering verbal-visual associations between brand intent and target customer values

  • Verbal-visual character definition of new service offering

  • Design direction for new service launch materials to emotionally connect with customer aspirations, brand intent and image-building

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