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Samsung Electronics has been extremely successful in its move up-market since former Group Chairman Kun-Hee Lee initiated the "Year of Design Revolution" in 1996. The company's brand is now one of the most recognized in the world and its brand value has increased dramatically from $5.2 billion (2000) to $16.9 billion (2007), bypassing arch rival Sony. Just as dramatic is the meteoric rise in global recognition of Samsung's innovation and design excellence. For example, they progressed from a lone IDEA recognition award in 1996 to surpassing Apple Computer as the corporate IDEA leader in 2004.

In order to begin developing a design strategy in 1996 to attain this lofty position, Samsung Electronics retained Tom Hardy, design strategist and creator of VVF, as Corporate Design Advisor. The partnership covered a seven year period during which shared verbal-visual principles and definable, repeatable, measurable processes were integrated into the corporate infrastructure. The strategic result was design being woven into the fabric of the company as a core brand asset and competitive differentiating factor.
  Among outcomes were:
  • Core verbal-visual brand-design principles tied to brand intent, business strategy and customer desire

  • Attitude of Samsung being a "design leader, not a follower"

  • Systems design approach of 'Home, Mobile & Office' customer-driven experiences to guide design strategy, rather than being technology- or manufacturing-driven

  • Comprehensive VVF design measurement and operations infrastructure plan

  • CEO-led council of senior executives for ongoing brand-design focus at highest levels

  • Actionable insights for each product design business area to meet customer aspirations and global brand-building goals

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