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The dilemma that often faces a product endorser-type master brand is the balance between the product brand being 'champion of the box' and degree of emphasis placed on the parent brand.

In Merck's case, the master brand association was most often relegated to a minimal visual presence in advertising and on packaging. In order to support a new corporate strategy to enhance Merck master brand exposure as 'product parent', VVF methodology was incorporated to analyze the related impact on product packaging and develop a comprehensive design solution.

Since VVF is an accurate, quantitative and structured process, the analysis results are undeniably credible. This was especially important to a pharmaceutical company, whose business process relies on a scientific mindset.
  Among outcomes were:
  • VVF perception study defining appropriate master brand and product association with patient and physician on a global basis

  • Resolution of dilemma balancing product versus corporate branding emphasis

  • New corporate master brand positioning and brand media value opportunity

  • Prominent product identity maintained while incorporating enhanced master brand emphasis

  • Systematic packaging design solution for unity of brand identity and process efficiencies, while allowing format flexibility

  • Definable, repeatable, measurable and scalable packaging development system enabling significant cost savings

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